About Saba


At the tender age of 68, Saba started her fitness career about the same time others are retiring -- while building brand awareness around her innovative workout, Saba’s AUTOSIZE©, which focuses on building both the body and the mind.

The first step in this journey was to buck the odds and go against common wisdom by entering a competitive Bikini Diva Contest with the INBA, which was the only natural body building association in the country.
Only few short years before she started competing, Saba was unable to walk due to two herniated discs and a slipped disc in her back. Her main source of transportation was one of those electric scooters. She was a mess. When the doctors chose surgery to correct her condition, Saba chose fitness and a new way of thinking instead. 

Saba was always thin, but not necessarily fit and healthy. She didn’t have much time before the contest, and she knew that just being able to walk would not win her anything. So, she started sculpting her body and learning about fitness and health. She noticed how much stronger, healthier and more youthful she felt, and looked. She was so inspired, she wanted to share this healthier lifestyle with anyone who ever thought they couldn’t do it, or felt they were too old to start.

THIS led to her creating her Think it, Do it, Be it Process as it became aware to her that she was living the thought of what she desired, doing something about it, and reaching her goal of becoming it. Saba continued to compete as a Spokesmodel to talk about how everyone could be Fit For Life with her Think it Do it Be it Process. She went on to take first place in every competition she entered, plus making Team USA she took the Gold in the International World Competition. In 2013 she became certified as a Personal Trainer and created two more workouts while continuing to compete and win.

In 2014 Saba started out the first few weeks of the year with a broken big toe, which kept her from the gym and any kind of workouts. Saba was determined to get back into shape and compete. By using her own Think it Do it Be it Process to get back into shape SHE TOOK THE GOLD again in both Bikini Diva and Sports Model categories internationally.

Saba’s Life Story:

Saba was born in New Jersey and lived most of her youth in The Bronx. When she was fourteen, she moved to California. She has spent all of her life in front of or behind the camera and has been involved in just about every facet of show business since the age of six. She has worked as a dancer/choreographer, actress, stunt girl, stand up comedienne, writer, producer, and director in all
forms of media, including film, television, stage, music videos, and even a stint in the circus.

Always laughing at life, she got into stand-up comedy. Saba created her own show, TURN ON 68, and took it to Vietnam. Back in the States, she teamed up with John Amos (Star of TV’s Good Times, Roots, and Coming To America) to create the comedy duo of AMOS & ANNIE. For the next ten years she starred and co-stared in various films and commercials.

Over the course of one year while starring in her own comedy review in Las Vegas, THE FUNNY FARM, she got the opportunity to step behind the camera by writing, producing and directing 40% of the local television commercial spots. She also directed and choreographed live shows, and co-wrote, produced, directed, and performed in several local television shows as well.

Taking her talents to the theater, Saba co-wrote, produced, directed, and performed in THE TIME MACHINE: THE MUSICAL. which was optioned for Broadway twice by The Theil Reeves Company. Saba was the choreographer for the Emmy Award Winning short film called BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH, which
was also honored with a Cine Golden Eagle and the Houston Film Festival award for Best Short Musical Film.

Saba teamed up with famed “little person”, Billy Barty, as Vice President of Billy Barty Productions where she created, wrote, produced, and directed many shows. For the next few years, she added music videos, commercials, infomercials, and television pilots to her list of credits, and produced her first feature NOTHING PERSONAL, with Leo Rossi.

She was the associate director and production executive for the television show, HERE COMES THE BRIDES, starring Lee Meriwether and Sharon and Lyle Waggoner, and produced, directed, and choreographed the 1999 and 2000 MRS. CALIFORNIA PAGEANTS. Then in association with D.A.R.E. she produced and directed a variety show, which featured over 20 talented children.

In 2001, when Saba’s husband Bob suddenly died after 25 years of marriage and partnership, she stepped back to take a look at her life. Saba chose to only do projects that would bring mankind to a higher level of peace, joy and understanding.

In 2003, she married Jeff Doucette, a well-known character actor, whom she had met 25 years earlier while they were working on a film together. Together Saba and Jeff became Spiritual Practitioners and formed PowerSource Productions.

In 2004 Saba wrote, produced and directed BROTHERS, an award-winning short film that received Kodak’s Vision award. She also produced THE GENTLE BARN: THOMAS’ STORY, the first film project for ISE-LA, The International Spiritual Cinema Los Angeles, for which she received the Spirit In Action Award for embodying the highest qualities of Spirit through filmmaking. Saba then co-founded LACEE, Los Angeles Chamber Of Enlightened Entertainment, and together with Jeff created and hosted the internet talk show, IT’S NOW. Later, Saba teamed up with Timothy Stuetz to make his lifelong dream come true
by producing and directing POWER ANIMAL FROLICS, a video that teaches children the power of Tai Chi.

Saba and Jeff then developed the teaching arm of their work through PowerSourceProductions.com and taught their workshops, LIVING IN THE NOW and FINDING YOUR SPIRIT THROUGH IMPROVISATION throughout the country. They use the same approach in working with the ‘tweens and teens at Centers For Spiritual Living every Sunday.

In 2008 Saba partnered with Sunil Sadarangani to form Hanuman Media and wrote/produced/directed many projects including, the award-winning web series BOLLYWOOD TO HOLLYWOOD. Which was picked to be part Marseille Web-Fest, the first European Short Film Festival, held in Marseille, France.
She also Co-produced IN TRANSIT, a short film written by Sunil, starring Sunil and famed Mexican actress, Lilliana Arriaga.

In 2012, Saba was trying to figure out a way to market AUTOSIZE ©, a workout for both body and mind. She was talking to her best friend, Babs, who suggested she gain some credibility by competing. They decided to do it together, and being who she was, Saba Created CLASSIC BIKINI DIVAS, a web series that
followed both throughout the year as they prepared for and competed with The Natural Body Building Association. After 23 episodes she was hooked. Learning all about health and fitness along the way, Saba won first place in every competition, made TEAM USA, and competed Internationally against 23 other
countries taking first place in her division. In 2013, Saba earned her certification as a personal trainer, and started shooting CLASSIC BIKINI DIVA’S, which documents Saba’s and Bab’s journey towards competing, complete with health and fitness tips for everyone.

In the next few years Saba was busy doing everything in Fitness, Health, and Conscious ageing creating new workouts, workshops, and becoming a published author. She also created and produced along with Leomark Studios the TV NEVER TOO OLD NEVER TOO LATE, now streaming on Tubi TV and Hoopla.

Saba also still spends valued family time with her 2 children, 4 bonus children, 12 grandchildren. Saba is dedicated to helping people be all that they can be and staying Fit For Life. She is an active member of Women in Film, She Angels Foundation and is represented by CESD Agency.